Rebranding Vulcano!

Introducing the new branding to replace Vulcano! Hello All! It has been quite the journey,

Audit Report

DOWNLOAD the full release here Greetings, Children of the Fire! One of the basic tenets

Governance Testing

The Vulcano Team is proud to announce that we are beginning testing on the governance

Vulcano Roadmap

We are excited to announce the first Vulcano Roadmap. This roadmap serves as a visual

Vulcano Expands

Vulcano Expands: Today, we have solidified a foot hold in the Asian market by adding

Is my Masternode working?

To check if your Masternode is active and working: Step#1 - In your local wallet:

Vulcano Masternode Install

System requirements   The VPS you plan to install your masternode on needs to have

Masternode Refresh

Masternode Refresh Connect to the VPS your Masternode is hosted on. Run this command: bash

How to Flash your SD Card for your Raspberry Pi SHN

How to flash your SD Go to etcher and download the version for your OS.

Welcome to Vulcano

Vulcano ($VULC) is a Proof-of-Stake and Masternode-based cryptocurrency with a focus on geothermal research and