This evening I have submitted a proposal to the Vulcano Governance System using the $VULC wallet for a coin burn of 450,000 VULC at the end of the next superblock. As I have expanded upon before, these governance funds are typically for ecosystem expansion, but I feel that at this point in time it would be better to burn off this excess supply.

So, to answer the ever-popular question of “when coin burn?” I can answer confidently…


If this proposal succeeds (of course, it is up to the masternode holders to cast their votes in the “Governance” tab of their wallets), then these coins will be sent permanently and irrecoverably to: VBuRnADRACudziJvmrSczzxPTnBviRqa61

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By Jason “Bitbender” Brink

I am a blockchain and distributed ledger evangelist and feel that we are at a watershed moment of global change due to the advent of new technologies. $VULC