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Setting up your first masternode is easier than you might think.

The Vulcano Project has a support team, ready to answer your questions in telegram or discord, including masternode setup questions. We want to make sure you have the resources you need to set up a masternode.

There are websites that will allow you to run a Virtual Private Server for your masternode. What does that mean? This article is for beginners, let’s stick to the basics here. We will use Vultr.com as an example. Here are a few easy steps to help you understand how to set up your first Vulcano masternode. Again, help is available in discord if you have questions, and you should have questions, I did my first time setting up a masternode.

Server Setup

  1. Create an account at Vultr.com. Find and click the blue plus sign to “Deploy a New Server”.

Choose a location (Where your server will be located but who cares really). For “Server Type” choose “Ubuntu” version 16.04 x64. For “Server Size” the $5/month option should work just fine. For “Additional Features” you don’t have to check anything. Scroll to the bottom and type in a server hostname and server label of your liking. You could just name them masternode 1. You can click “Deploy Now” in the blue box now or after you complete the next step. Your call.


Sending 50,000 VULC to Your VULC MN Address

  1. Now let’s go to your Vulcano wallet. Open and unlock your wallet. Funding one Vulcano masternode will require 50,000 VULC. Go to the “receive” tab of your wallet. You are going to generate a new address for your masternode. Click within the label field and type a name you want for your masternode, like mn1. Click on “Request Payment” and a new address will generate with the name you gave it. Copy the address you just created. Send 50,000 VULC to that address. Go to the “Send” tab, paste the address, and press send. *Make sure you have the correct address pasted, always good to double check. Now wait for your confirmations to complete. You can click the “Transactions” tab to check the status of the confirmations.


  1. Let’s generate the private key for your masternode. Go the Tools tab at the top of your wallet, select Debug Console. Paste  masternode genkey in the debug console and press enter. You will see your newly generated private key. Each masternode will require it own private key. Now paste  masternode outputs into the debug console and press enter. This is your masternode output information. Copy and paste the generated info to a text file or notepad.

Now we want to add the key and output info you just generated to the masternode.conf file. Find the masternode.conf file in the hidden VulcanoCore file on your computer. On a mac you can use the cmd+shift+. shortcut to show hidden files. Open the VulcanoCore folder, open the masternode.conf file with text editor. On the first empty line you see in the file paste in this exact order: masternodename, server IP Address (find in your corresponding masternode server info on Vultr.com), add :62543 right after the IP Adress like this IP Address:62543, masternode genkey, and masternode outputs (includes the number at the end of the output after the space).

This is what it should look like:

masternodename ipaddress:62543 genkey collateralTxID outputID

The “collateralTxID” and “outputID”  are the outputs. The “outputID” is just the 1 or 0 at the end. Type that after the longer “collateralTxID” without a space. Now you can save and close the masternode.conf file. On a mac it should have auto saved the file.


Log In to Your VPS to Install Masternode – Using Terminal

  1. With your Vultr server deployed, your VULC masternode transaction confirmations complete, and your masternode.conf file edited, you can now open up terminal on your computer.

Type in ssh [email protected] (the ip address of your corresponding masternode server) and press enter. Now copy and paste the server password found in your server info at Vultr. Press enter. You are now logged into your VPS for that masternode.


Now run the following command:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VulcanoCrypto/Vulcano-MN-Install/master/install.sh )

Your IP Address should appear. Press enter. You will prompted to enter the genkey you originally generated for that masternode. Paste the genkey and press enter. An option will appear asking about advanced installation. We do not recommend advanced installation for beginners. When it asks if you’d like to install with TOR you can just enter n and press enter. You masternode will install and sync with your wallet. Do not close the terminal window until this process finishes.

Once the sync is complete you will be asked to start the masternode from your wallet. Open and unlock your wallet and go to the “Masternodes” tab. Right click your newly installed masternode here and press “start alias”. Go back and press enter in terminal. You should see a message that the install was successful. You can close terminal now.

Great job! You have just installed a Vulcano masternode!

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