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This is a full guide from start to finish on how to get your Vulcano masternode up and running on the bulwark crypto platform.

Part 1: Making An Account

The website link: https://platform.bulwarkcrypto.com


As of the making of this guide this is in beta but is functional and ready for people to use. There are a few choices for now but more masternodes will be added in the future.

Quick Tip: If you hit the moon in the top right it will put the site into night mode.


When you hit the top right button then hit sign up this will appear. Enter in your information, and make sure you keep your password safe as this service will make sure your masternodes are up and you can continue to be rewarded for helping the network run.


You should then receive an email from the address above, you may have to check your spam folder as some email providers may view this as being spam.

After you verify your email you will be able to login, the first thing you will need is to deposit bulwark in order to use this platform. This button above can be found on the bottom left of the panel.

When clicked, it will show you where to buy BWK and where to send your Bulwark to as well.

Part 2: Time To Get Your Masternode Up And Running

Once you buy and deposit bulwark onto the platform you will be able to get your Vulcano masternode setup on the platform.