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This guide covers how to set up your Vulcano masternode on My Staking Wallet.

If you hit the sign up button on the top right it will take you to the account creation.

This will take you to this webpage, where you will need to enter your email address and password to log into your account.

BEWARE: Make sure you make a password that you are able to remember, as you will need it to access your account and your Vulcano.


When you finish filling out your info, you will receive an email from the address above. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam as it may be marked as spam by certain email providers. You will not be able to create a server without verifying your email.


When you log in, it will want you to create a password for your Metrix (formerly Linda) wallet. You will need to set a password for accessing your wallet. YOU will lose access to your funds if you forget the password.


Once you create a password you will need to click the account button on the top right.


Then you need to click the button on the bottom right when you are at the wallets tab.

Now you will be able to select Vulcano from the list of cryptocurrencies that are available on the site. Then click the create wallet button.


The next step will require you to enter your PayPal information. After you pay for it, you will be taken to this page below.


This process can take up to 10 minutes. If your Vulcano wallet is not showing, you will need to wait as it is still building, this is perfectly normal.


When you log in after the wallet is created, you will need to create a password for your Vulcano wallet. You will need to set a password for accessing your wallet. YOU will lose access to your funds if you forget the password.



You will see this when you log in, this means the wallet was fully setup. Now you will need to send your Vulcano into your wallet.

Next step is to click on the receive tab and naming your wallet. This address is where you will send your 50001 Vulcano to. A masternode requires 50000 Vulcano, but you will need a little extra to pay for the transaction fee.


Once you send 50001 Vulcano to your wallet you will need to wait for 6 confirmations before you can send 50000 to yourself. This can be found in the transactions tab.


When you have 6 confirmations, you will need to go to the send tab and send 50000 to your wallet. You need to click on the source (input) you want to use to send out your Vulcano. I made a name for my wallet and called it MN1 so I can click it and it will add your generated address in the send field without having to paste it manually.

After you send this to yourself, go back to your transaction tab and you will need to wait until 16 confirmations to turn on your masternode.


When you have 16 confirmations, click the masternode tab. You will see a green check mark under status. That means you are ready to start your masternode. Click turn on (button is bottom right on the webpage, and your wallet will restart automatically.


Click the start button.


Congrats you now have your Vulcano masternode fully up and running to use.

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