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Wallet Syncing Issues

Note: It can take some time for a new wallet to gain connections to the network.  If you have been waiting over an hour, please then try these steps.

  • Make sure you are running the latest wallet version from the Official Vulcano Github and your wallet is closed.
  • Now, head over to the Vulcano folder (How to do that is explained below).
  • Delete all files except wallet.dat, vulcano.conf, masternode.conf and the backups folder.
  • If necessary, download the bootstrap and peers.dat from the GitHub.

How to find your Vulcano folder:

Windows: Press the Windows+R keys, type %appdata% into the run program, then press enter

macOS: Press Command+Space to open Spotlight, type ~/Library/Application Support/Vulcano, then press Enter.

Linux: Open ~/.vulcano/

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