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When someone wants to stake Vulcano in their wallet, they are required to run their wallets continuously to help validate transactions on the network. As a result of their contributions, they are rewarded in a stake. The problem many people have is that they simply do not want to have their own personal computer on 24/7, so a great solution to this is using a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This allows for anyone to run multiple crypto wallets at the same time, and access it as if it was their own computer at home.

For this tutorial I will be using pivps for my hosting.

Link: https://portal.pivps.com/aff.php?aff=718


When you go to the website you should see this page:

Click go to order form to be brought to the next page.

If you don’t see this page above, you may see this one here:

If that’s the case click order now on the top right. Both pages will take you to the next page below:

You will need minimum #3 Windows to have a stable and ease to run VPS. You could always pay more to get a more powerful server, but in my experience #3 gives me enough to run a Vulcano wallet and a couple of other staking cryptos as well without a problem.

You can leave all the choices below on default.

Once you pay for your server you will finally be able to access it!

When you get to your dashboard you will be able to find the server you ordered in the services section on the left of the page.

Keep your IP hidden from others, as this will allow you to access your server you bought remotely.

Now you need to click on your server IP and manage your server. In here you will have a lot of features, but the main ones we need are the primary IP, the default Username and Default password, as these are needed to log onto your server.

Now on your main computer (for windows users) you will need to locate your remote desktop application. This can be done by holding Windows Key – R . This will bring up the run application in windows. Then you need to paste this command : Mstsc

This will bring up remote desktop connection on your computer. Now all you will need to do is paste the IP address of your server into RDP, followed by your username and password and you will have access to your own Windows staking machine!


If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask in our Discord and Telegram servers and one of our community members will be able to assist you!

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