We have come so far already but we are just getting started! This is a two-part update! First, we would like to introduce you to Vulcan and Vulcana, the two mascots of Vulcano!

They will each be getting a more in-depth intro in the near future, but we can’t really release the wallet without telling you who these incredible characters are.

The second piece of news is that we are delighted to announce the release of a new $VULC Wallet (v2.1)! This is a MANDATORY upgrade! Check it out on our Github! https://github.com/VulcanoCrypto/Vulcano/releases/tag/ Again, this is a MANDATORY upgrade. Back up your wallet.dat before attempting to upgrade the wallet. Your masternodes will need to be updated as well. This can be done by logging into the terminal on your MN server and inputting the following command:

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VulcanoCrypto/Vulcano-MN-Install/master/update_node.sh ) 

If you have a Vulcano Home Node deployed, it will need to be updated using the following command:

 bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vulcanocrypto/shn/master/update.sh )

If you have any trouble, come see us in Discord and we will help you out! Another quick note! People have been asking “what about the price?!?!” This is the PERFECT time for you to tell friends and family about what we are doing. We have been working non-stop since taking over the project and the very best form of marketing is word-of-mouth. So, bring your friends into our Discord and Telegram, and give them some $VULC to get them started.