Introducing the new branding to replace Vulcano!

Hello All!

It has been quite the journey, and I thank you all for coming with us this far! Vulcano has come a very long way since we came into this space and began our effort to turn around this diamond in the rough. 

The next step in this process is the rebrand which was mentioned in the Vulcano Trajectory Paper. While the name “Vulcano” resonates well for concepts like geothermal power, it does not convey the true breadth of what we are working to accomplish. 

So, it is time for a fresh start!

Introducing Quoxent! (/ˈkwōSHənt/)!

Why this name? We wanted to find something that showed what we are trying to achieve and to share our bold vision with the world. What started with climate sensors and seismographs has now expanded to what we are building towards — the creation of a robust, data agnostic chain for the purpose of data transmission and verification for the IoT world.

Quo is a general Latin questioning word — it is part of every question, from “where” to “how many”…quo is what you must ask before you get any answers.

Ent on the other hand, for geeks like most of us, resurrects images of Treebeard striding across the landscape towards Isengard. However, the real meaning of the word comes from Old English and means, roughly, giants.

Quoxent — we ask and answer the BIG questions!

Keep watching for more details on the completion of the rebrand. Within the next 60 days, we will be releasing a new wallet, adjusting the exchanges, and switching all branding and media over to the new Quoxent name. Entities have been created, trademarks filed, and we are moving forward quickly!

Today is also a special day because we would like to announce that $QUO will be one of the first coins listed on the up-and-coming Bastion Exchange ( We encourage all users of, BiteBTC, and NovaExchange or any other beleaguered exchange to go create an account on Bastion so that you can be ready when trading opens.

We are currently working with the other exchanges currently listing $VULC to prepare them for the transition to $QUO.

This is the beginning of a new era for Quoxent! Sign up at to stay up to date on the progress!