Back in March we introduced the Vulcano community to the two mascots that were created for The Vulcano Project by a professional artist.

Here is the backstory of Vulcana “Volcano Tamer”:

Vulcana is first rumored to have been spotted by ancient greek and roman ships around 400 B.C. on the island of Vulcano. Legend describes Vulcana as the “volcano tamer”. She is able to control water telekinetically, and uses her ability to cool volcanoes with ocean water and stop them from becoming too large and overtaking the entire planet. 

Due to Vulcana’s immortality she has already been to the future and back, transcending time to prevent numerous volcanic armageddons from happening. Vulcana instills the balance between volcanoes and the earth. Similarly, the Vulcano Project is building the balance between renewable energy, and digital currency. 

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